Guide to Casket Dimensions and Sizes

Selecting the appropriate casket is a pivotal decision in the funeral planning process, ensuring that the final tribute respects the dignity of the departed. 

The choice of casket size, influenced by both the physical stature of the deceased and specific burial requirements, plays a crucial role in this act of homage. 

This guide provides a detailed look at casket dimensions, offering both imperial and metric measurements to assist you in making an informed choice that aligns with your wishes and respects your loved one’s legacy.

Understanding Casket Sizes

Caskets vary in size to meet the diverse needs of individuals, including height and body size.

Whether it’s accounting for the physical dimensions of the deceased or considering the type of funeral, understanding these variations is essential.

Standard Casket Dimensions

This section details the specific dimensions of standard caskets, both externally and internally, designed to meet the needs of most burial arrangements.

Highlighting the precision in measurement ensures a dignified burial process, accommodating a wide range of individuals within the specified sizes.

  • External Dimensions: Standard caskets are typically 84” (214 cm) in length, 28” (72 cm) in width, and 23” (59 cm) in height. These dimensions, designed to fit most burial vaults, ensure a dignified presentation and burial process.

  • Internal Dimensions: The interior of a casket, especially metal ones, may slightly vary from its external measurements. Most metal caskets provide an internal length of 78” or 79”(199 or 201 cm) and a width of 23” or 24” (59 or 61 cm), comfortably accommodating individuals up to 6’5” tall and weighing around 350 pounds.

Oversized Casket Dimensions

This section explores the dimensions of oversized caskets, designed for individuals requiring larger accommodations.

It details both the external and internal measurements, emphasizing the variety in width to cater to diverse needs while ensuring comfort and dignity in the burial process.

  • External Dimensions: Oversized caskets offer a range of widths from 27” (69 cm) to as much as 44” (112 cm), with the interior width typically an inch less to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Internal Dimensions: These caskets provide extra space while maintaining the standard length, accommodating larger body sizes with dignity.

Dimensions of Child Caskets

This section addresses the dimensions of caskets intended for children, ranging from infants to older children.

Without a universal standard, it outlines the common starting points for dimensions, highlighting the adaptability in size to provide a respectful and fitting tribute to young lives lost too soon.

  • Standard and Custom Sizes: While there is no universal standard for non-adult caskets, dimensions usually start from an interior length of 30” (77 cm) for older children and about 10” (26 cm) for infants. Widths adjust proportionately, ensuring a fitting tribute to the youngest lives.


Navigating the complexities of casket dimensions is a key element in orchestrating a respectful and fitting funeral service. 

Whether your needs align with standard, oversized, or child-specific caskets, possessing a thorough understanding of the available options ensures that your loved one is honored in a manner befitting their memory. 

Collaborating with a funeral director can further personalize the process, providing expertise and empathy to guide you through this significant decision—or use our casket size and cost calculator. In honoring your loved one, the right casket plays an integral role in commemorating a life well-lived with grace and dignity.

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