Can You Rent a Casket for a Funeral?

As funeral costs continue to rise, families seek alternatives to manage expenses without compromising the dignity of their loved one’s farewell. 

One such option that offers both financial relief and environmental benefits is casket rental.

Understanding Rental Caskets

Rental caskets are an innovative solution designed for temporary use during funeral services or gatherings, particularly before cremation.

  • What is a Rental Casket?: Rental caskets feature an outer shell crafted from wood or metal and a removable interior insert. This design allows the insert, which holds the deceased, to be removed post-service, enabling the outer shell’s reuse.

  • How to Get One: Finding a rental casket involves contacting local funeral homes or crematories. Availability and pricing may vary, so it’s crucial to consult with funeral directors who can assist in the rental process.

  • The Benefits: The primary advantages of renting a casket include significant cost savings compared to purchasing, the environmental benefit of reuse, and maintaining a dignified presentation for the service.

Availability and Process

The process for obtaining a rental casket is straightforward, though availability can vary based on location and provider.

  • Checking Availability: It’s necessary to inquire with local funeral homes or crematories about the availability of rental caskets, as not all establishments offer them.

  • How It Works: The body is placed in the removable interior, ensuring no direct contact with the casket’s outer shell for sanitary reasons. This interior is then inserted into the casket for the service.

  • Why Choose Rental?: Rental caskets are especially suited for cremations and situations requiring a swift funeral arrangement, providing a cost-effective and dignified option.

Benefits of Renting a Casket

Opting for a rental casket presents several benefits, from financial savings to environmental sustainability.

  • Saves Money: The cost of renting is significantly lower than buying your own casket, offering relief during financially challenging times.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Reusing caskets reduces environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices.

  • Looks Just as Good: Rental caskets offer the same dignified appearance as purchased caskets, ensuring a respectful viewing and service.

Considerations and Limitations

While rental caskets provide numerous benefits, there are important considerations to be aware of.

  • Need for a Liner: Some funeral homes may require a liner for the casket’s interior for additional protection, which could lead to extra costs.

  • Health Concerns: Rental caskets may not be suitable for individuals who passed away from infectious diseases, due to health and safety regulations.

  • Policies and Guidelines: Familiarizing oneself with the funeral home’s policies regarding rental caskets is essential to ensure compliance and avoid misunderstandings.

Rental Casket Popularity and Practicality

The popularity of rental caskets is on the rise, particularly as cremation becomes a more common choice.

  • Growing Demand: The shift towards cremation has increased the demand for rental caskets, offering families a practical and economical alternative.

  • Last-Minute Solutions: Rental caskets can be a convenient option for arranging a funeral on short notice, providing flexibility and ease.

  • Sentimental Choices: Despite the practicality of rentals, some families still prefer to purchase caskets for sentimental reasons, seeking a personalized tribute.

Alternative Options and Competition

The market offers alternatives to rental caskets, including companies that sell caskets directly to consumers at competitive prices.

  • Buying vs. Renting: Casket manufacturers and sellers argue that purchasing a casket can be as cost-effective as renting, especially with customization options and lower-cost, eco-friendly casket choices.

  • A Range of Choices: With a wide selection available, families can choose from eco-friendly models or fully customizable caskets to meet their specific needs.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Renting a casket involves adhering to legal and ethical standards to ensure respectful and compliant use.

  • Laws and Regulations: Rental caskets must be designed for multi-use, equipped with a new insert for each service, and meet cleanliness standards.

  • Laws and Regulations: Rental caskets must be designed for multi-use, equipped with a new insert for each service, and meet cleanliness standards.

  • Informed Choices: Families should be informed that the casket has been previously used and understand the cleaning and reuse process, promoting transparency and trust.


Choosing to rent a casket offers a viable solution for families seeking to balance the cost, environmental concerns, and the desire for a dignified service during funeral planning. 

Consulting with trusted funeral homes or providers can offer deeper insights into whether this choice aligns with the family’s wishes and needs.

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