Reasons to Avoid Buying Caskets from Big Box Stores or Amazon

In the midst of the challenging task of funeral planning, concerns about the quality and delivery of a casket shouldn’t add unnecessary stress. 

While big-box retailers such as Costco, Walmart, and Amazon offer convenience, there are significant drawbacks to purchasing caskets from them. This article delves into the limitations of buying caskets from these retail giants and proposes a superior alternative for a more tailored and hassle-free experience. 

Enter direct-to-consumer casket brands, offering a personalized and seamless solution amidst the convenience provided by traditional retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Amazon. These brands redefine funeral planning, presenting unparalleled benefits that conventional retailers often lack.

Why Avoid Big Box Stores or Amazon?

Before delving into the advantages of direct-to-consumer casket brands, it’s essential to understand the limitations of purchasing from big-box retailers or online giants like Amazon.

  • Indirect Sourcing: Big box stores source their caskets from distributors, which may compromise quality and service.

  • Limited After-Sales Support: These retailers may lack the personalized customer service needed during the funeral planning process.

  • Shipping and Delivery Constraints: Customers may encounter limitations in shipping options and delivery timeframes, hindering flexibility and convenience.

Exploring Big Box Store Caskets

Before diving into the benefits of direct-to-consumer casket brands, it’s crucial to examine the potential drawbacks of purchasing from big-box retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Amazon.

Costco Caskets

Costco, renowned for its wide array of products, also sells caskets through its online platform. However, several reasons suggest that buying a casket from Costco may not be the best choice.

  • Sourced from Distributors: Contrary to popular belief, Costco caskets are not manufactured by Costco itself; rather, they’re sourced from distributors. This indirect sourcing may compromise the quality and service expected from Costco.

  • Markup on Distributor’s Fee: Costco caskets come with a 25% markup on top of the distributor’s fee, making them more expensive compared to alternatives.

  • Shipping Limitations: Costco doesn’t ship caskets to Alaska or Hawaii, limiting accessibility for customers in these areas.

  • Delivery Timeframe: While Costco promises delivery within 3 business days, orders placed after 10:01 AM may take an additional business day.

Walmart Caskets

Walmart, a retail giant, also sells caskets online, but there are drawbacks to consider when purchasing from Walmart.

  • Product Availability Issues: Despite offering a variety of options, some customers have faced issues with product availability and stock updates on the website.

  • Financing Concerns: Financing through Walmart’s partner, Affirm, can be costly, with APR ranging between 10% and 30%.

  • Delivery Restrictions: Walmart only delivers caskets to funeral homes, not personal residences, as per FTC regulations.

Amazon Caskets

Amazon, known for its vast selection, also offers caskets online, but there are concerns regarding the purchasing process and quality.

  • Third-Party Involvement: Both Costco Caskets and Amazon Caskets use third-party vendors, resulting in delayed deliveries and sometimes damaged goods.

  • Misleading Promotions: Despite the impression given by some promotions, the caskets do not always come directly from the retailers’ warehouses.

Exploring Direct-to-Consumer Casket Brands

In the world of funeral planning, a burgeoning trend is the emergence of direct-to-consumer casket brands.

These brands offer a compelling alternative to traditional retailers, addressing various shortcomings while presenting a host of unique advantages.

  • Personalized Customer Service: Direct-to-consumer brands prioritize personalized customer service, guiding individuals through the intricacies of funeral arrangements with care and empathy.

  • Flexible Financing Options: Unlike their counterparts in big box stores, direct-to-consumer brands provide a diverse range of financing options, including interest-free plans and pre-planning arrangements, ensuring accessibility for customers facing financial constraints.

  • Convenient Return Policies: Customers benefit from the convenience of flexible return policies, instilling confidence and assurance in their purchasing decisions.

  • Seamless After-Sales Support: With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, direct-to-consumer brands offer seamless after-sales support, aiding customers in navigating challenges and promptly addressing any concerns that may arise.

  • Better After-Sales Service: Direct-to-consumer brands excel in providing superior after-sales service, extending assistance to customers in dealings with funeral homes hesitant to accept external caskets.

  • Expanded Financing Options: By offering a wider array of financing options, including interest-free and pre-planned arrangements, direct-to-consumer brands alleviate the financial burden associated with funeral expenses.

  • Return Policy Assurance: Unlike certain big box stores, direct-to-consumer brands may offer the flexibility of returning caskets if deemed necessary, providing added peace of mind to customers during a challenging time.


When buying a casket, it’s crucial to consider factors beyond just price and convenience. Direct-to-consumer casket brands offer a more personalized and customer-centric approach, ensuring a smoother and more satisfactory experience during a challenging time. Consider exploring these alternatives for a more fulfilling funeral planning process.

When it comes to funeral planning, the choice of where to purchase a casket is pivotal. While big-box stores and online giants may offer convenience, direct-to-consumer casket brands stand out as a superior alternative.

By prioritizing personalized service, flexible financing, and seamless after-sales support, these brands redefine the funeral planning experience, ensuring that every aspect of the process is handled with care and compassion. Consider exploring direct-to-consumer casket brands for a more fulfilling and satisfactory funeral planning journey.

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